Meet Ashley

Ashley BernardiAshley knows how to get a story out. For years she was the producer trying to book people for shows at CBS News. She has more than a decade as a booking producer for national and online programs, such as Energy Now!, where she met Anna and the two have been talking ever since. Then she took her talents to the other side of media and opened Nardi Media.

As owner and founder of Nardi Media she focuses on media relations, with an expertise in broadcast, print and online press. And of course, never misses a chance to build relationships with reporters and producers. Ashley has helped her author clients grow from zero exposure to household names with placements from the New York Times to People.

But Ashley’s real passion is her family; three girls under 10 keep her on her toes! She loves to cook too! Even had her own cooking show! So where does she find the time to be a regularly featured guest on television stations in Washington, DC? Who knows? But she does!

Now you can hear her tell you all about it on Two Girls Talking!

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