World As Family

There is an old Vedic phrase - "Treat the World as Family". 

Dr. Vishakha Desai understands this. She knows that what happens in one part of the world has an effect waayyy over on the other side of the globe. She knows because she has lived it. We all do, though we may not know it. We all live locally yet we must think globally. 

That's why Dr. Desai says she has six identities. And if you ask her what they are she'll ask you, "Do you want the long or short version?".  Today in this fascinating conversation, we get the long version... and understand how each of us can see ourselves in a whole new light.

To read more about Dr. Desai's journey and learn about your own you can read her book, World is Family; A Journey of Multi-rooted Belongings. And you can buy that book at a discount using this link:

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And then tell Vishakha your thoughts - she wants to hear from you!



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