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We are 2 business owners, 2 journalists and 2 working moms! Our lives are crazy as we live our dreams of entrepreneurship and raising a family. Sometimes those worlds collide, sometimes they co-exist and some rare times they work together.

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Dec 17th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 7:30 am

040A0390.jpgIf a picture says a thousand words what do you want one picture to say about you? It's a question Melissa Demple asks every time she meets with a new client or looks through the viewfinder of her camera. As a branding photographer, Melissa knows the importance of image and message and it's her job to find the right answer for her client. But we'll let Melissa tell you how she does that and why it's so important that every person has a brand - for yourself and your company!

Check out her work at Melissa Demple Photography

Dec 3rd, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 7:00 am

Mike.jpeg When Mike Neill talks, we should all listen. The owner of Servistar Consulting knows what he's talking about! From team building to             training employees to be managers to changing a company's culture, Mike preaches the benefits of getting your employees on board with your vision, which can only help your clients. 

 As business owners we all face similar challenges - especially hiring the right employees, getting everyone on the same page and then helping those employees be better so that we can all help our clients. It's hard work - but with Mike's help we will do it!

You can learn more about Mike and his company, Servistar Consulting on his website. Check him out - truth bombs abound! (and if you think he's funny on the podcast, watch his video. Mike knows how to keep his audience!)



Oct 15th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am


Screen_Shot_2019-09-03_at_1_12_06_PM.pngWelcome to our first guest on 2 Girls Talking - a guy! Chip Sovek is the owner of Spinn Creative. He's a fantastic audio engineer who makes everything you listen to sound better, more real and exciting! He's a business owner and a dad.

Chip started out making music as a recording engineer but then found his calling in film and broadcast. We'll talk to him about his career, how he got into the audio world and how he started a business.

And we'll ask him how his business life affects his parenting. You may be surprised by his answers. 

Learn more about Chip at Spinn Creative.

Sep 3rd, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 9:00 am

Who's good at setting boundaries? Chances are you're not. Most of us aren't good at setting boundaries, or really know how to set boundaries. But boundaries can be our friends - our good friends. And make us better business people for our clients. Here's what we've learned.

Aug 6th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 9:00 am

Social Media is everywhere right? And that's great! But it's not always good. Most social media experts will tell you to have two separate social media worlds - a personal and a business account. But what happens when the two worlds collide? And when is the right time to take a break? We had to ask ourselves some hard questions when we ran into this issue.

May 8th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 1:12 pm

Welcome to 2 Girls Talking! Ashley and Anna are friends, former journalists, working moms and they're busy! They started their separate businesses at the same time, and together maneuver the dizzying world of entrepreneurship. All the while trying to raise their families and stay sane.