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We are 2 business owners, 2 journalists and 2 working moms! Our lives are crazy as we live our dreams of entrepreneurship and raising a family. Sometimes those worlds collide, sometimes they co-exist and some rare times they work together.

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Nov 26th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am
gluten-free-health-coach-nutrition-wellness-coffee-shop-table-cropped-mini.jpegFood is life! And not just for foodies. But it can also be dangerous and bad for our health, especially if we don't know the signs and symptoms of illnesses. That's what happened to Laurel Otey, owner of Layered Living. She knew something was wrong when her daughter's behavior changed and she went into detective mode. What came next was rounds of doctor visits, a return to the United States, back to college and now a new career and business helping you discover how to live your healthiest - maybe even tastiest - life.  
Aug 6th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 9:00 am

Social Media is everywhere right? And that's great! But it's not always good. Most social media experts will tell you to have two separate social media worlds - a personal and a business account. But what happens when the two worlds collide? And when is the right time to take a break? We had to ask ourselves some hard questions when we ran into this issue.

May 8th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 1:12 pm

Welcome to 2 Girls Talking! Ashley and Anna are friends, former journalists, working moms and they're busy! They started their separate businesses at the same time, and together maneuver the dizzying world of entrepreneurship. All the while trying to raise their families and stay sane.