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We are 2 business owners, 2 journalists and 2 working moms! Our lives are crazy as we live our dreams of entrepreneurship and raising a family. Sometimes those worlds collide, sometimes they co-exist and some rare times they work together.

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Feb 18th, 2020 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am

NancyLevin2.jpgSo you're an over-achiever and people pleaser. Then most likely you have boundary issues, most of us do. But here's Nancy Levin to the rescue!  She works with people to teach us how to set boundaries - even with our most difficult family members/clients/friends/SO's and so on and so on. 

Why do we have such a hard time making ourselves a priority? How can we learn to put ourselves first? It all starts with us, and Nancy gives us tips on how to make that happen.

Start setting boundaries, and hopefully lead a less stressful life.

Find out more about Nancy at her website Nancy Levin

Or check out her book - Setting Boundaries will Set You Free


Feb 4th, 2020 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am

JenniferCanzoneri_headshot_copy.jpgWhen we were all kids we made friends easily; met them at school, met them at sports. Then we grew up and we met them at work, or church. Then we got really grown up and got married, had kids, lives changed. Our jobs enveloped us, we're so busy, we're all on deadlines. And suddenly we realize we haven't seen or talked to friends in a very long time. They've gotten busy, had families too. 

Jennifer Canzoneri knows adults need friends too. So she has some special ways to keep our friends, near and far, in our lives, with some very simple acts of not-so-random kindness.

Follow her on Instagram @jennycanzoneri


Jan 21st, 2020 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am

180815_Kim_Fredrich_portrait_274_rev_LI.jpgHave you ever had a conversation? Then congratulations! You're a salesperson! That's what Kim Fredrich told us the first time we met. There may be a few natural-born salespeople out there, but we never considered ourselves one.

But Kim breaks downs the sales process, makes it easier and helps us change our mindset on who and what a salesperson actually does - just have a real conversation. Learn all about Kim Fredrich at her website KimFredrich.com and check out her book, If You Can Have a Conversation, You Can Sell on Amazon.





Jan 7th, 2020 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am

Demple_190328_178_SM_500.png Lisa Shapiro is a born networker. She has been bringing business owners together with great success for years. Now her focus is on women entrepreneurs, and her group, DC Fempreneur is gaining attention and members!

Every business owner has to network, but many of us have no idea we're networking all wrong! Lisa lays down some truths on what to do and not do, and she can help you! I'll give you a tip - it's personal.

And if you want to get the full effect of DC Fempreneur, check out the website.


Dec 17th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 7:30 am

040A0390.jpgIf a picture says a thousand words what do you want one picture to say about you? It's a question Melissa Demple asks every time she meets with a new client or looks through the viewfinder of her camera. As a branding photographer, Melissa knows the importance of image and message and it's her job to find the right answer for her client. But we'll let Melissa tell you how she does that and why it's so important that every person has a brand - for yourself and your company!

Check out her work at Melissa Demple Photography

Dec 3rd, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 7:00 am

Mike.jpeg When Mike Neill talks, we should all listen. The owner of Servistar Consulting knows what he's talking about! From team building to             training employees to be managers to changing a company's culture, Mike preaches the benefits of getting your employees on board with your vision, which can only help your clients. 

 As business owners we all face similar challenges - especially hiring the right employees, getting everyone on the same page and then helping those employees be better so that we can all help our clients. It's hard work - but with Mike's help we will do it!

You can learn more about Mike and his company, Servistar Consulting on his website. Check him out - truth bombs abound! (and if you think he's funny on the podcast, watch his video. Mike knows how to keep his audience!)



Nov 26th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am
gluten-free-health-coach-nutrition-wellness-coffee-shop-table-cropped-mini.jpegFood is life! And not just for foodies. But it can also be dangerous and bad for our health, especially if we don't know the signs and symptoms of illnesses. That's what happened to Laurel Otey, owner of Layered Living. She knew something was wrong when her daughter's behavior changed and she went into detective mode. What came next was rounds of doctor visits, a return to the United States, back to college and now a new career and business helping you discover how to live your healthiest - maybe even tastiest - life.  
Nov 12th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am

How many times have you woken up and just did not feel motivated to work? Too many to count? We've all been there. When you're staff you take a mental health day, but when you run your own business can you afford to take a day like that? 

Everyone has days we don't feel motivated but as business owners, we need to be disciplined to find ways to make us move forward. Ashley and Anna give you tips on what works for them, but we also want to hear from you! What do you do to motivate yourself when you just don't feel like working? 

And if that means taking a day off - then take it.

Oct 29th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am

image-asset.jpegMarci Moberg has been on a journey. One that brought her to Washington, DC for a government job, saw her get married, then divorced and took her all over the world before returning to DC. She finally found her way home when she decided to listen to her body and follow her intuition. We all have those gut feelings when something just feels right. Or wrong. We don't always listen, and that usually turns out badly.

Marci is on a new journey now, a teaching journey. She shows people how to connect with themselves, how to listen to the voice inside and follow that path, even if it's very scary. And believe us it can be! Joy takes time. Finding yourself takes time. Marci's passion is helping you find yours.

Learn more about Marci on HER WEBSITE.



Oct 15th, 2019 by Anna & Ashley at 8:30 am


Screen_Shot_2019-09-03_at_1_12_06_PM.pngWelcome to our first guest on 2 Girls Talking - a guy! Chip Sovek is the owner of Spinn Creative. He's a fantastic audio engineer who makes everything you listen to sound better, more real and exciting! He's a business owner and a dad.

Chip started out making music as a recording engineer but then found his calling in film and broadcast. We'll talk to him about his career, how he got into the audio world and how he started a business.

And we'll ask him how his business life affects his parenting. You may be surprised by his answers. 

Learn more about Chip at Spinn Creative.